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Duo Maxwell

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cookie.gif I have recently softmodded my xbox (No going inside, just using a software glitch to install a new "OS") and was fumbling around on the GTA SA disc. While I was there, I noticed that all the files on the disc were the same as the files for the PC except some .dlls were missing and instead of a .exe it is a .xbe So, I was wondering if I could mod these cars. My only problem would be trying to get an img tool running on my xbox. So, I thought of transferring the files to my computer, modding them, and then putting them back. Has anybody tried this? I am thinking this will work because the files on the disc are the same as the files on the pc versions except for the exceptions mentioned above. Also, mods like "Modify all cars in shop" that are for the pc work on the Xbox. So, I guess my questions are:


A. Has anybody tried this? If so, did it work?

B. Is it legal to get the missing files needed to run Xbox GTA SA on a computer?

C. I used to be a member here a long time ago, and was a member of the modding community (my account got deleted since :'( , is modding GTA SA the same as modding GTA VC? (.txd, .dff, handling, carcols, and ide?). If there are any differences, please list them.


Thankyou and sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I have not been here in a long time. Oh, and please do not feed me to lions.




Duo Maxwell



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You won't be able to get the Xbox version to work on a PC. Although I heard there's this patch out called 'The PC Version' which is a pretty good work-around. rolleyes.gif


Aside from that, MOST resource files are the same between versions. Data mods, script mods, etc. don't need any conversion to work, but anything that relies on new models or textures (ie. every vehicle or map mod ever) requires the textures be converted. I'm unsure if there's any difference between the formats used in Vice City (which I know work) and SA.


And finally, pretty much everything editable about VC is still editable by the same means in SA.

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Yes a lot of the mods for the pc version will and do work on the xbox as far as car and other textures you have to take in to account that the xbox only has 32mb video ram and 64 mb system ram,so using the high poly count files will slow the xbox to the point that it runs like molasses in the winter,but as far as mission mods i have tried all kinds and they do work. sigh.gif

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