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Clocking Problem - Moving too fast


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Anyone have clocking problems in Grand Theft Auto 3 San Andreas? I have a new computer which runs really fast but I've been having trouble with this game.


The game clock alternates between 1-20 game minute per second pretty drastically, especially when I go inside buildings. For example, when I'm in the gym, the game moves so fast I can't do any excercises and everything just flips by like your watching at high speed fast forward.


I've tried all different combinations of video settings. The game will not go higher than 60 fps no matter the settings (this might be from using an LCD monitor set to 60Hz). The only setting that somewhat works is turning on high anti-aliasing which then drains the system, but the random speed ups still occurr, just not as steadily, and almost always when I'm inside building.


Anyone have any thoughts? Is this a bad video card, bad port of a game, or misconfigured setting? I've tried everything I know and I'm still stuck.

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Is your frame limiter turned on? If not, turn it on. Around 30 frames per second is normal, I believe...


So try that.

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Do you have some kind of trainer or mod switched on when you play? If so, there may be some kind of cheat activated that makes the clock go fast inside buildings or something. Anyway, post your specs, as Mike said, then someone should be able to help you.


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