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importing dffs using 3dmax


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im sure sum1 already posted but i cant find anything in this forum...


basically i cant import a dff into the 3ds max using kams importing script...i've stuck the files into the scripts folder in the directory of 3dsmax7 and then run the script but when i import a dff i get the following error...


- runtime error : invalid setface vertex index : [16253, 7894, 16087]


i duno wat this means and im new in trying to model as my requests neva get done...i've made simple things in 3dsmax7 but cannot import san andreas models...plus when trying to import clothes it says i have 3 clumps choose one wat does this mean?!!! please help!

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First looks like a mesh error, easier to identify if you actually said what the model is. The second does what it says on the tin; there's three distinct groups of data in the .dff, basically due to the fact it supports bones and vertex weights, pick a clump. You should check you have the most recent version of Kam's scripts to avoid clump issues, but it sounds like you have the current version.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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well it happens when i tryed to import any of .dff files so its happening with all of them...i tryed 4 ....cheetah.dff, hotring, bullet, infernus....the clump thing comes up with the gimptorso, gimp mask...when i pick the clump then i get a error saying


-- unable to convert : undefined to type : filename


any ideas still got both problems this is wats in kams readme...



Make sure DFFin_Fn.mse and DFFout_Fn.mse are in your

scripts/GTA_Tools folder!

Or you have to edit the line in DFF_IO_3b.ms to suit your need!


if DFFinInfo == undefined then fileIn (scriptspath+"\\GTA_Tools\\DFFin_Fn.mse") quiet:true


if DFFoutInfo == undefined then fileIn (scriptspath+"\\GTA_Tools\\DFFout_Fn.mse") quiet:true


To run the script, goto Max->utility tab->Maxscript->run script

select DFF_IO_3b.ms to run, a new GUI will popup.


From now on, you can use my DFFin and DFFout functions in your own script

if you want! For more info. see GTA_IO_21b.ms.


.... i did everything on their except the two lines in red i duno wat u do with that could that be my problem?...the version i got is 42b as far as i know its the latest available to download from his site....any help?! thanks!


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have you visited this post? :




there's a link there with Kam's latest .dff script and his .ifp

animation import script as well. From my previous installations

of his script, I just left the .ms scripts in the \3dsmax6\scripts

folder and put the .mse scripts in the 3dsmax6\scripts\GTA_Tools

folder and all works as it should.


you might want to find his exact thread on the .dff importer

release and ask him directly. wink.gif


wish I could help more, but I'm still...


justa_newbie biggrin.gif



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Revisit Kam's DFF IO tpic and get the I/O for august 25th. Put the "controller" into "start up" folder in the '3dsmax\3dsmax\scripts" and put the other files into "gta_tools" folder. Start max back up and use the button utilities on the right hand side to open the script. If this does not show up/shows up but does not work, then you have not installed the script correctly.


Once the scripts work and are easily launchable from the GUI (>run maxscript is no longer used in Kam's scripts, though you can do that if you'd like) youll know you've installed properly. Now, try another import when you know you're up to date.


Also, Kam's script will not open ZModeler DFFs. Or any other non-standard or locked DFFs.

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