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A little help..?


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Okay, heres how it goes.


user posted image


1. How do I get rid of the little grey thingy.


2. For some reason, it doesn't let me draw on the bottom and right hand side edges. :| I have to start in the middle and move outwards.




3. I have photoshop, how do I make images transparent.

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Two things:


1. To get rid of the grey box: View > Show > Make sure SLICES does not have a check next to it. (select NONE to get rid of all things including guides)


2. To keep it from 'snapping': View > Snap. Make sure it is UNCHECKED.


Snapping is useful for some things, but very inconvenient most of the time I find. With snap OFF, you can still use guides and slices without having your tools automatically assume you want to paint/erase/dodge/blur on the guideline.


As for transparency: Google it, it's really more trouble than its worth to have me type it out.

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