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um... help plz


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Greetings folks, im prolly your newest member. Im female, 38yo and a vetran of 2 wars. I was a combat medic. Now i play games and am learning all the hoopla about the "internet" and computers in general (its sooooo sweet!!) Anyway, heres my question/ problem.

Theres a mission in which maddog is going to jump from the roof ... i havent a chance as he dives right off. Bet yall know the mission. Yes, i used cheats prior to this, but then got that far without them and it still happens, the game wont seem to advance without this... help? Thanx, zoggy

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Well as your new you might not know but this is the GTA3 section there is a seperate section for SA. They'll go easy on you because your new.


Anyway what your talking about sounds like you have entered the Peds Riot cheat this causes some missions including the madd dogg one you are having trouble with to become unpassable. Unfortunately this is irreversible and the only way to fix it is to start a new game. Sorry.


I've requested this topic be moved to the SA forums.

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my apologies freind, thanx for the info and ill try to observe the rules a lil closer biggrin.gif greatly appreciate the info though. was afraid it was a cheat. drat. happy gameing , zoggy


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