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making a discman feature


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hi folks


I was wondering of the posibilities of making a discman feature in GTA. I was thinking of it working like the car radio, but so you can listen to the music also when you are walking around.


I'm not really into this modding, but am really interested, and is asking of the posibilities of making the feature descriped above. Is it totally impossible or could it be done by a little change?

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I had this same idea talking on mIRC, and then fifteen minutes after, some n00b that was there asking how to do some impossible things requsted it in the requests topic! I was hurt!


To answer your question: Hopefully it's possible, it will have to do with coding and ambience playing hand in hand. I'll ask a knowledgabe buddy of mine soon. I've got a message from him to check anyway. Wishing luck, k?

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