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Could someone make a batcave?


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I know theres a few other batfans around here who want to see more cool batman stuff. and although ive just about given up on requests as there are rarely filled. i was hoping someone would like to make a batcave, i know there was supposed to be some people making that one batman mod but i think it went dead. Itd be cool if we could have one the tumbler could spawn inside smile.gif hopefully someone would make this cool idea

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Just my opinion:


I am sick of seeing new topics about batman mods.


A new this, a new that for batman. Can CJ have a cape?




One small group is trying to get, like, a whole total conversion made off of requests.


A cave is one of the easiest things to model in the world.


Put effort in. Learn something.


Someone said in one of the other batman topics "oh man, good modders prolly never look here." all griped about it.


That person was wrong. We even discuss the topics and try to get a ideas from here when we talk elsewhere.


I've seen like the same 4 people ask for batman this and batman that for weeks.


That's the justification for my gripes right now.


I'm going to stop looking here soon man.


suicidal.gif I'll do it man.

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mate the whole point of this forum/requests section is so that u can REQUEST stuff!!!!! tounge.gif

so personally whether or not u like it it'll b posted here and there r plenty of batman fans i for one think ur a culprit urself and probably use the already made batman mods!


kungfujebus i think sum1 shud make this mod and i totally want the batman model!...personally dertyjerzian if it was soooo easy and at how pissed ur gettin abt posting batman mods then y dnt u make it real quick and then we'll all shut up! tounge.gif


and finally as for u lot lookin in the requests section the whole point is wat good is it u looking if u aint guna do sh*t all...for example the vehicles reuqest pinned topic...theres a million cars requested and u aint even seen half of them!..

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Thank you saz, and trust m if i could model or anything i would do it myself but i have 0 experience and i wouold be ages before i ever got around too it. and longer before i could put anything in game. and further more its even more pointless for you to go into the REQUEST forum and bitch about people REQUESTING stuff,

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4 people looking for batman stuff for weeks? Who are these people besides sazzie boy and jeebs?


These 4 people's request outweigh my request. All I ever ask for was my batmobile converted. The batwing topic was just a smoke screen. sly.gif


PS: The batwing would make a nice addition and not because it's a batwing, but because it looks great. I doubt anyone would model a batsuit.

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I wanna see some more batman stuff myself, the gta3 batmobile in sa the most.


I would try to learn how to model but I got no time to learn 3ds max.

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ok i've tryed modelling for the last day and dnt have a frikin clue abt wat im doing....dnt understand any of the buttons really...and yes i've read the tutorials ....was really looking forward to try to make the batman model...but i guess oh well!...some day maybe

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ok everybody who is thinking that the bat mod is dead theyr wrong.it is inded alive.we alredy compleated the batwing,mansion,and the costume.so dont gett displeseed there is still a lot of work but its def not dead

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