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Minimum Hardware Requirements and Graphics Issues


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First of all: hi! - I'm new here smile.gif




I have bought GTA III this week and I encountered some bad framerate issues while playing the game (I have patched it too).


After reading some related postings here it has become clear to me, that in order to play this game (let it run smoothly) one might need to turn down some of the settings.


How is that possible when the system the game is being played upon meets (exceeds!) the minimum requirements?




My specs:


AMD Duron 1,2Ghz


128MB Nvidia GeForce FX5200


Recommended (not to mention required):


Intel PIII 700Mhz or AMD Athlon


32MB video card



Is the only way to play this game smoothly to play it at its lowest settings??! cryani.gif - that doesn't make sense to me (to you?)


BTW: playing GTAIII at its lowest settings doesn't even help my framerate issues!!


Of course I disable programmes like MSN, Skype, Kazaa/BT, Outlook etc. while I play. However, my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and my AntiVirus (from the local ISP - quite a simple one) keep running in the background.


I hope anyone has some ideas on this all (I'm sorry, I always seem to fail in clear and short messages/questions wink.gif)






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Well try to download the latest driver of your Nvidia GeForce FX5200.It shure help me in gta sa.Hope it helps to you.

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1 Why patch when the patch doesn't address your issue?


2 It's choppy because its engine is quite inefficient.


3 Your hard drive's health will most likely be your bottleneck. Try defragging.


4 Many people believe 640x480x32 is a low setting, but in fact, you'll get smoother play from 800x600x16.

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Downloading the latest drivers worked for me!!!


Thanks, it's much better now!


Is defragging really safe? I have some important files on one of my HD's and I'm a bit scared that they won't work anymore blush.gif

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Defragmenting doesn't cause any harm at all to your computer or any of your files. In fact, it helps the hard drive to run better and you'll see a performancxe boost after it. So, defragment your computer atleast once a month and it would run very very smoothly.

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