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Suspension Anim


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I just built two cars based on 'bf inject chassis' and would like both in game, so decided to replace 'Camper' with one to retain vw engine sound.


I've changed the camper to BF inj anim group but suspension swingarms no longer work, are there any other anim properties tucked away in handling.cfg or vehicle.ide?



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I think there are flags for macpherson struts and all sorts of suspension, if you download the GTSA Ultimate Editor you will see a tick box section that contains the vehicle flags and this one is among it.

It may just simply be a case of ticking this and your on to a winner.

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If you mean the AnimGroup setting in handling.cfg then it will only change the character animations for getting in and out of doors. The vehicle animations seem to be indicated in the Anims column of the vehicles.ide file. It's possible that the animations are hardcoded, but it might be worth changing that setting to see if anything happens.


(EDIT) By suspension animations I think Scorchi means the moving suspension parts, the springs and stuff. The flags in handling.cfg just change the angle of the wheel as it moves up and down, they don't enable any special suspension parts.

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@ Pinky. I did give ultimate editor a go but it seemed to muck about with my wheel sizes even if I did'nt edit them I'll try it again though. Cheers


@ Cerbera, Yep thats exactly what I mean, Thanks to you both.

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GTASA Ultimate Editor is packed full of serious bugs. When I asked the author about it, he didn't seem interested in fixing any of them. I strongly recommend that you don't use it. Notepad is much more reliable. Eventually, I intend to support vehicles.ide and a few other vehicle setup files with my CFG Studio program. For the time being, it only supports handling.cfg for GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA.

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