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Hyman Condo and Hidden Packages.


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I've never heard of that glitch before.


I checked the Official Bug List for GTA Vice City and found this.



Problem #5

Not all my weapons are spawning at the Hyman Condo. This problem is only on PS2 (as far as I know).



Solution: None. This is a known bug. There is a bug with the weapon spawing at the hyman condo on PS2, if you buy it before you have collected 70 packages, you won't get all the weapons there, only the ones available to you at the point where you buy it. Example: if you only have say 31 packages when you purchase the condo, the best weapon you can get there will be the colt python.... just something to keep in mind-- it doesn't do this at the other save points with weapons and I'm reasonably certain this was fixed on PC and Xbox-- maybe even in the 2nd edition of VC... but the glitch is there in the original PS2 version. The only way to avoid this bug is by collecting 70 or more hidden packages prior to purchasing the condo.



I think thats what your talking about.

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Buy it after getting 70 packages to avoid the glitch--


I just added this to the bug list.


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That's a bug? I always thaught it was some sort of prize for getting those packages. They are actually supposed to spawn there?



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Hm, I didn't know about that glitch. I just checked my game and luckily it was glitch free.

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