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probably not the best place to post this, but someone help??


Im having a heck of a time keeping a nice chunk of change in my pocket in this game. Buying ammo and a vest seems to drain me enough that i dont have enough to buy property etc.


I am now at the point where i need to buy zacks place and i dont have enough cash. I read a strategy to bet on a horse with the worst odds and though that has helped a few times, when i try and make more cash i just loose it all betting again. I must not know how to read odds.


I know of a cheat for getting cash but i dont want to use it since ive heard it can change the game.


Does anyone know of a sure shot way to make alot of cash in this game?? Im sick of killing crack heads and other ppl.


Someone pleeeeeese help. If you know the horse betting strategy that would be great, but anything else is just fine.


thanks, Jp

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horse betting is the fastest way to make money, just make sure you save yourgame before betting


or get yourself a lot of fat by eating, then grab a cabbie (better handling than taxi), and start taxi mission. i recall with full fat and max health you can deliver up to 100 passanger, and get cash about $40,000

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