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Garage Overload


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I hope I'm not ask the same question with anyone, because I didn't check yet.

I have hangar for plane in near Los Venturas that I buy from Toreno mission.

That is the large garage, but I can only add in 4 vehicles.

I want to know is there any mod can make all my collection car add in to this hangar, not only 4.




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Yes, it may seem dumb how a big garage can only hold 4 when a small one can hold 3 for example. But, check the mods section.

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The Power of Search.
- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

I realy can't figure out to use that seach feauture...



The biggest garage is the hangar in verdant meatdows...(or what is called now a day.) It can store four vehicles dozingoff.gif Space for 20 but it can only store four...damn

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that is abit stupid but there again the game can only handle so meny cars at a time in my opinion


this cud be sumthin to add on the wishlist for the next GTA series



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