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Hardcore Total Conversion


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I'm working on a total conversion for the xbox version of GTASA, if anyone here is interested in creating missions, or 3d modellers, let me know.

Plans are to create a total new storyline, new missions, different radiostations (all kinds of ravemusic), new cars etc etc..

Currently i'm the only one working on this mod, so i could use some people to team up with...

So far i have skinned all billboards and other stuff, i changed a little of pedstats.dat and peds.ide to make the game a little more chaotic and i made new startup/loading screens.

Heres some screenshots so yall can have an idea what the mod is about.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image




Skinning = 20%

Modelling = 0% (Reqruiting)

Texture replacing = 80%

Mission scripting = 0% (Reqruiting)

Storyline status = 0% (ideas are welcome, i have alot in mind already)


(Note: I'm going to buy the PC version this week, so this mod will be made both for xbox and pc, i only need people for the team now)

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So... is there a tool yet which allows to convert music for use in sa to replace the radiostations?

and does anyone know where i can find the files to edit the radiostation icons?

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