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I want to take a SA mod car and convert it into a VC mod car and I was wondering is it possible? and if so what tools do I need?

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well, Zmod2 is the cheapest way, I think you need to import SA dff into Zmod2, save as .z3d, then open with Zmod1 to make changes and export as dff for vice......haven't tried yet, probably never will

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Sooner or later you'll have to roll up your sleeves and get to work, or break open the ol' wallet my man. That's just how it is I'm afraid. Someone might offer to mess the files around until you're able to edit them in zmod1, might, but you will just be prolonging the problem until next time you need a model again to play with.


Why not try and do this properly, build a car for Vice or SA yourselves? It doesn't take any magic touch, just learning and some effort/application.


That's where all these cars came from in the first place, least the ones worth speaking of. Tutorials are all around, dive in, the water's great.



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