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I searched this title but only came up with one thing and it was different.


My firefox just screwed up for some reasons so i exited and then went back in and it asked me which profile I wanted to use. I had only used to default on but i figured i might as well make my own now. So i clicked "New Profile" and made one. Now I dont have any of my bookmarks, themes, or extensions. So how do I get back to the default profile?


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Exit Firefox again. Bring up the task manager; ctrl+alt+del and click on the Processes tab

Find firefox.exe and click End Task....tip it helps to click on the Image Name column to sort it by name.

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Next time you want to use firefox, go to start > run and try firefox.exe -profile or

firefox.exe -ProfileManager . Those should start firefox with the page you earlier, and you can just select default again.

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Just to be safe you can also click Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks

Then when the bookmark manager opens click File > Export and save the Bookmarks.html file somewhere on your PC.

Then if you lose it you can import them. I think there is also an extension that will make sure you don't lose your bookmarks and settings, even after a crash. I just can't remember what it's called.

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I tried all that but none of it works. I guess I'll just have to start all over.
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