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Help grafics fall appart


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I own a 17'' SXGA

Pentium 4 2.6


nVidia GeForce FX Go5600 64MB

ACER Notebook


I started playing GTA SA without having any problem (speed-grafics...)and when reaching CJ at the beggining of the game.Then suddenly everything crashed people looking polygonal(still walking),cars looked like giant balls with asymetrous corners and you coukd nt understand anything from the surroundings.


I tried most of the things suggested in the topoics before but nothing worked!

I can play only for a few minutes and the I have to play with resolution,AA....


Please help because I'd really love to play this terrific game!




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ummmm... first off make sure ur running the game on the lowest resoltion and detail, then see if this helps, also try downloading the hot coffee patch v1.01 and see if this helps, also download all latest drivers for your GFX card, sound card etc


if not im sure it is sumthin to do with your GFX card i got a 128mb and 512mb ddr ram and ive got to run the game on near enough lowest settings


AMD Sempron 2600+ ~1.83ghz (fast as a Intel Celeron 2.6ghz)

Foxconn WinFast K7S Motherboard

512MB DDR 333FSB Ram

80GB Samsung Spin Point HHD 5,400rpm

128MB DDR 8X ATi Radeon Pro GFX Card

5.1 Trust Sound Expert Digital Suroundsound Sound Card

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Ok but where do I download the new drivers?

At www.nvidia.com I can't find my way to do it because at the mirror to download the drivers it gives me a form to accept and I do but it does not redirect me!


According to the acer site I have the latest driver installed! suicidal.gif


My driver is!


Is there any link to suggest?


Can change the card with another in my Aspire 1703sm?

If yes with what cost?

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ummm...well what spec id the other GFX card that you got, if i was you i wud get a used Geforce FX5550 256MB turbocharged GFX card for only £30 on ebuyer


best thing to do mate


also as for your gfx card drivers search in google for lastest drivers im sure sumthin will come up



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can this video card you mention be installed in a laptop like my aspire?

I would really love to have a vc like that for only that money!

Because I dont find a way to update my drivers!(as stupid as this may sound!)

are those used as you mention?

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That particular graphics card cannot be used with your laptop, so here is a direct link to the drivers that you should get:



If those drivers don't work, try the ones from here: http://www.omegadrivers.net/nvidia/win2k_xp.php


Give that a try and see if you have any luck.


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thats the trouble with laptops, they can be upgraded but the componants are lot more expensive, because a laptop is more compact, if i was u thought and u had at least £250 to spare, id build urself a new desktop computer, its simple, thats what i did to mine transformed from a HP to a modded computer

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Maybe the graphics card is overheating. Because SanAn is known to bring the hardware to the limit. It says so in the official FAQ, so its official.

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