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[REL] GTA: Los Angeles v1.0


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I finished it now, I changed about everything to make it feel like your in L.A.


user posted image


For screenshots check out http://mstunner.gta-modster.com/gtasa/mods


List of changes:

- City names

- L.A. radio stations

- All billboards

- Convenience stores

- Hooters

- Blockbuster

- Movie posters

- Ferrari dealership

- Bank

- The Comedy Store

- Mann's Chinese Theatre

- Taft building

- Vice movie theatre

- El Rey theatre

- Death Row Records

- Randy's Donuts

- Medical Center

- Venice Mall

- Rodeo Dr. stores

- Santa Monica pier

- Santa Monica Beach sign

- Subway

- Bus stop benches

- Regal theatre

- Strip club

- Sprunk factory

- Stadium

- Graffiti wall

- 7-Eleven

- Gas station

- Firetruck

- Ambulance

- Police heli

- CNN news heli

- Cop bike

- Train

- more...

Theres more but can't remember now. Check the readme for more.


Just replace the files in the zip carefully since it's many files. The mod size is 25MB.

Okay heres the download link:




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i just got thru playing with it in my game and i havent even seen a terminator billboard yet, but nice batman returns poster on the blockbuster building! i was driving by in the batmobile at the time lmao this mod is great now we just need ghostbusters and TMNT ads, that would fit with the timeframe cool.gif

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I made it like if Terminator 2 was just released so its showing in theatres. Theres only 1 terminator billboard in it.

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I've been looking through the screenshots and I must say.... OMFG! tounge.gif. This is really nice work you've done, I'll give it a download later as it's getting late here bored.gif.
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The screenshots page does work.


I didn't know it was a real place and I was told that a hooters was around hollywood blvd. Just a minor flaw.


I don't think so becuase I don't go anywhere else other than L.A.

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This needs an installer via SAMI confused.gif

agreed thats too much much stuff to add/delete manually..or make it ggmm compatible wink.gif

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The Hooters is actually Carneys: http://www.seeing-stars.com/ImagePages/CarneysPhoto.shtml. The one bcspeed mentioned is only about a year old and is pretty much unremarkable anyway.


Also, you changed the sign of the arena to Staples Center, but it is actually the Forum (Great Western Forum) in Inglewood. Staples (which would be adjacent to the convention center) is not in the game.


Edit: A couple more things...


1. The Vice Theater is actually the Pantages Theater

2. Venice Mall is a bit of an oxymoron (check out Venice Beach sometime and you'll see what I mean); I would use either Westside Pavilion or The Grove

3. The El Rey is real, but that building is the El Capitan and runs nothing but Disney (as it is owned by Disney).


Anyway, just some suggestions for the sake of authenticity. Great work!

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marciano muller

i agree for a installer i not cone do al this stuff myself

me gta is a great mod to i dont have time to istal that al

thats wy i need a installer please biggrin.gif

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this looks little cool like mod. smile.gif downloading now. btw, what radio stations are thy? dontgetit.gif


Nice mod I'll download it.

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Maaan, this is the best texturing mod out yet! smile.gif


but i looked at all the files to replace and it discouraged me... cry.gif


maybe an installer? Plz? - Dri'z Up.

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