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ridin the pipe!


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original gangster

you must of pressed refresh or something, theres a duplicate topic to this tounge.gif


watch a few stunt videos, see how they do it, and practise makes perfect. a good tip is shifting wieght with the anolouge stick. and on bmx, doing the glitch(not the cheat) that allows for more hieght is pretty good for reaching hieghts.

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dude i am figuring out how to ride the park/pipe on bmx and motorbike in glen park... any tips??

Die double poster die.gif just kidding smile.gif . Um no tips its pretty fun though.

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Practise, Practise and more Practise! tounge2.gif


You'll eventually master the pipe, use all kinds of vechiles and try to find the one that suits you smile.gif


Good Luck

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Id say, start out using the slow motion cheat, ride around for a while, get used to the way the bike moves, then take it off slow motion and rip it up!!!!

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