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Polygon limit for custom cars

The Fawker

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I guess whatever your computer could run/handle. Now remember, if you have a car that shows up a lot in SA and the car has like 100k polys, it may slow your computer down.

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Try a looooot less than that... if you're actually taking polycount into consideration, you'll want to use a far smaller number, you probably should check some stock GTA cars against some mod cars you like which have reasonable polycounts and compare the difference. Stock cars go as low as 2 or 3k, most people make really bloated cars for whatever reason floats their boat, so it's largely subjective, and giving a ballpark amount here would be pretty difficult, it just varies a lot. Cars rarely go above the 30k or even 20k mark, and even that is pretty goddamn high, far higher than most any model you'd find in a current driving game, and GTA has a lot more vehicles and other models to handle than driving sim etc games.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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