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Spawning a Sparrow


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Just saw a pretty cool looking UFO mod for the Sparrow (NOT Sea Sparrow!)...Only problem is it seems there ain't but one (on Madd Dogg's roof) and I believe that doesn't unlock until later in the game...


The mod loaded fine (I guess) as the game still runs but no saucer on his roof...


Anyone know the spawn cheat? I'm on a PC...


Any help?


I checked the Vehicle Location Map by GamerLady and it appears the only Sparrow at all is on Madd Dogg's roof...I tried to follow her code which says it's always supposed to be available but I'm colourblind and may be reading it incorrectly...


And as Mxyzptlk said, it's not in any of those other locations...


Thanx anyway...


Guess I'll go back and reverify I actually got Madd Dogg's place correct then go looking for a spawn cheat...


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There's a sparrow here in SF, on the triangular building.

user posted image


I also think there is one on the SF Memorial hospital roof.

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I think theres one in LV between one of those houses in Northstar Rock.

North rock isn't even in LV; and there's no helicopter by it at all.


Please don't spam, and try to be correct when you post.

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