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I'm looking for people who could help me for my GTA Vice City's mod, "GTA Japan". This mode is for transfoming all Vice City in a Japanese city.


I'm looking for modders, vehicle creators, programmers, coders, skinners and 3D skinners... Everybody's welcome, as some "brains" who could help me in my ideas. For people who want to create cars, the list is under creation!!!


I wish I have been complete in my explications, thanks!!!


(contact me at [email protected] if you're interseted)

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Well, what have you gotten done? It's a good idea, really is. But not many are still modding GTAVC confused.gif lots have moved on to SA. But, if you get a good little chunk of work completed posted up there, they may let you keep your topic open (wink.gif) and some may join to help. I really like the idea and I'm willing to contribute to any of the teams working on big projects if I see the effort has been begun.


EDIT: Actually... this kinda goes in a different section confused.gif the recruits and requests section. Better luck next time biggrin.gif stickies are your friend! trust me sly.gif


edit again: damnnnnn look at all those smilies!

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OOPS , i'm new , sorry blush.gif


Thanks you !



Why Vc? Because it y' has surely many "nostalgic" with this play, and I do not have San andreas, unfortunately... But sorry for the error, you can vérouiller this topic, I will give this topic in the good place! With good entendor!



Sorry for my bad english , i use "Google Translator"



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To Dertyjezyan : I've not still working on, but I've been thinking a lot about it... It's a dream I'd like to realize and I'll do everything to do it. Thanks for your porposition?! PS: Official forum of the mod:http://gta-japan.bbfr.net

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so u would like to start a TC mod right? well the question is what can u do to contribute to the mod except being the leader and making lists of cars u would to have in the mod and stuff like that...

anyways, my point is that u should learn to do any kind of modding like coding, modeling, texturing etc. before u start a TC mod if u want to see it finished.

if u know how to any of that i appologise for what i've said, but if u don't know how to do any of the things i stated above my advice is to learn how to do any of them and then try again, cause if the mod leader doesn't know how to do some modding, the mod won't have future, trust me on that one cause i know from my personal experience.

again, don't fell offended in any way by the things i said

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