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HeLLo DudEs i am new here i want to ask will SA run in 1700mhz processor 64mb Video card (Shared) AnD 256mb of Ram (please dont give me the proposals of upgrading any thing on my pc if it will run on it so please message thx)

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original gangster

And it's best to tell you now, use the search feature before posting a new topic, and a rule that's not listed but helpful, NO myth topics whatsoever

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You'll mean the minimual specs, but you'll hate the slow game play.

Get a new GFX card and 1GB of RAM.

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well i wud upgrade your ram to 512MB (thats what i done and it stoped my game from laging) and get a 128mb GFX card, this is what i got on my pc and it runs nice and smooth


this will set you back for about £45 for more Ram and a new GFX Card


but yeh it shud run but its most likely to lag alot

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