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Breaking the Bank Glitch


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Hi all,


I have read around and this seems like a known glitch, i was wondering if anyone had a workaround. I haven't used any cheats and stupidly, i have only one saved game so i can't load a game from a bit back and try it again, any work around would be greatly appriciated as this is really pissing me off, thanks in advance, oh, and this is the xbox version so i can't hit tab or anything like that (lucky PC sobs). I know it's the night vision goggle taking up the slot, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of them in mission, wish they had a battery power thing and when it's used up, they are gone.

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Hit the same button you hit to pick up weapon of the same kind. I don't know what the button is for Xbox. If you walk over a weapon of a similar kind to the one you have in your weapons slot, then an on-screen message would appear telling you to press a certain key to pick that particular weapon.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


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yeah, it's Y on xbox to pick up a weapon, and i have tried for about 20 minutes pressing Y all over every inch of that damn parachute, jumping around, screaming at my TV, it doesn't work, so i am going to have to try something else, thanks for the suggestion...

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I keep getting popup messages to pull [L] to switch weapons...or it's automatic for an empty slot.

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