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I'm going to get SA for pc soon.


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I'll be getting SA for pc as soon as i have money and they rerelease it.


Just one thing I want to know, Can you make new body kits and bumpers and the like with modding?

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its even as if that feature was intended to be figured out and edited! Why? Because those mods are not mods at all! They are like a gay poly added to each side of the car for a sideskirt etc! This can be changed to real kits easily since much has been done. But remember, do your research and know what you are attempting at least %60 so the help you ask for is not overwhelming to all of us friends here because we love to help but need our friends to start searching the forum and reading the docs all over the various sections!


Hope you make me a bangin kit for my Blade or my Bullet tounge.gif

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Heheheh...I want to make my MX6 actually. but who knows...

I know I should have searched first but, I just had to know this one thing about modding for GTA SA. After this, you can delete the thread if you on't to.


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ahhh, I love this avatar biggrin.gif


good luck! can't wait to see your project, hope you do it as a wip topic while you work!

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