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noob questions


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hi all you may of noticed my post in the request forums requesting a 1964/1963 valiant, well i have since gotten myself a copy of z modeler and have managed to get the perenial into z modeler.


problem is a am still a noob so i dont no how to do these required things:

*change pillar angle


*remove chunky badge of tail gate


* re shape/remove door handles


*model a chasis and drive train


*shape front wings/guards/ fenders to get required curves


i does not bother me if someone tells me how to do this or points me in the direction of a tut, and believe me i have looked at tuts but i need something real rely basic here people colgate.gif


anyway i am also not sure if this is the place for this, and flame me if you want but i am simpily looking for some help sigh.gif

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Search these forums, the answers are all here, albeit scattered. PM me with aim and I will try to help you, I know I can answer most of your ?


btw, I have '67 dart gt w/440 a727 8-3/4 4.88 and '73 swinger w/360 4spd od 8-3/4 3.90 in garage. MoPar or NoCar

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yeah i am from australia, and our early valiants are kinda simialar to your plymouth valiants.


i own a 1964 "ap5" valiant with a 225 slant six, just recently put in a 904 torqueflyte, and if any aussies can point me in the direction of a centura diff the would b great too lol.


i have just put in a 63 dodge 330 and everything is fine but it is white, i no i have made a simple and stupid mistake somewer and u must hear them words alot but yeah...help?


thanks for everything rah.gif

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