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2 player?


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the first of the two player missions opens up with your first girlfriend. If you haven't gotten to that part of the story yet, I don't think you can do two player.

To get two player to work, you must first have two controllers plugged into your system. Go to your girlfriend's house, and if she is home, there is an icon near her front door that looks like two stick figures.


Note: Two player is only for console versions, the PC version has no two player mode that comes with the packaged game, although mod teams are developing multi player mods for SA. I think there is a beta version out for one mod, and I think someone cracked a code to enable the two player mission if you have a controller plugged in or something. I don't know jack about the two player mod.


Hope that helped!

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You can do it earlier than the girlfriends smile.gif.


S.A.M, this map will help you locate the various 2-player icons throughout San Andreas.


This is the one I use when I start new files xD.

user posted image

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