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Syphon Filter Omega strain


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Ok so the latest Syphon Filter game is super cheap at $19.88 for a copy and I liked the last bunch of games and had thought of picking this up for PS2. I know I can go all over the Internet reading crap reviews from fanboys of the series and never get a down to the point opinion. Is the game as good as the rest ? Is it more or less just an online multiplayer? I dont have PS2 live so i'm not interested if thats what it's all about.


So bring on the information any would be great. I checked the review topic up here but it wasnt on there and I searched and it did'nt come up for anything.


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It sucks, trust the reviews. I wouldn't pay $5 for it. I rented it a long time ago, and I remember spcifically the camera is terrible, and a bunch more bad news. You can get a lot better for $20, any Greatest Hits title eats the Omega Strain up, even Cabella's Deer Hunter.
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