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GTA III Character Bios


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Here is a list of all Characters in Gta 3 and bios to back them up

I did not include Darkel seeing as how he was not in the game.




ClaudeClaude (aka "Fido" and "Kid") is the main character of Grand Theft Auto III (GTAIII), who remains speechless throughout the game. He was left for dead after a bank heist with Catalina, resulting in his arrest by the police. Claude would later escape with 8-Ball when a bridge they were being transported on was blown up. Building a reputation among crime bosses and rising in the ranks of the underworld, Claude would eventually kill Catalina near the end of the storyline.


Although his real name was never mentioned in any part of the game, Claude's name surfaced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA), when, upon completion of the game's storyline, Carl "CJ" Johnson, the game's protagonist, receives a phone call from Catalina, in the midst of an orgasm, screaming Claude's name. In 1992, the game's timeframe, Claude is seen to have only recently established a relationship between himself and Catalina. The pair then left the fictitious West-Coast state of San Andreas for Liberty City, after losing in a car race with Carl Johnson earlier in the game.




Catalina is a notorious bank robber and Claude's former girlfriend, who had betrayed him during a bank heist, shooting him and leaving him for the police while she ran free with the profits. Catalina would later be seen running a SPANK drug manufacturing and distribution business with a new partner in crime, Miguel. Catalina appears to have been killed near the end of the game, as the helicopter she was riding in was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade launched by Claude.


In GTA:SA, Catalina was a temporary lover and crime partner of the game's protagonist, Carl "CJ" Johnson. During Catalina's time with Carl, she commits multiple robberies on several businesses in rural districts of San Andreas, and is seen as highly determined in obtaining any profit. She would later "break up" with Carl and leave for Liberty City with Claude, her new boyfriend.


Between the period in GTA:SA and GTAIII, Catalina is known to had been on the move, committing robberies in multiple states, including the south, and the southwest, among others. It is suggested that both Claude and Catalina had only temporarily resided in Liberty City after their 1992 journey from San Andreas, before leaving the city to commit more robberies in other states. In 2001, the FBI discovered that both Catalina and Claude may have returned to Liberty City.


Catalina is of Dominican and Colombian decent and is a cousin of Cesar Vialpando, a hispanic of unknown decent and fellow associate of Carl Johnson.


Catalina was voiced by Cynthia Farrell.





Miguel is an apparent Colombian Cartel member and Catalina's partner after Claude. Miguel is frequently seen with Catalina while running the SPANK drug business in Liberty City. During a mission in which Donald Love requests Claude to retrieve a package from the airport, the package was found stolen by the Colombian Cartel and was being handed over to Catalina and Miguel. Claude eventually tracks them down, resulting to Miguel handing over the package and Catalina shooting Miguel, leaving him at the mercy of Asuka, then enraged by the killing of her brother. Miguel would be tortured into revealing information about Catalina's operations, and was soon killed by the Colombians, while they killed Asuka and kidnapped Maria.


Miguel was voiced by Al Espinosa.



Luigi Goterelli


Luigi Goterelli aka "The Snake" is a small-time crime boss in the Leone Mafia Family and owner of a night club called "Sex Club 7" in the Red Light District of Portland Island. He uses this club as a base for his legion of prostitutes scattered throughout Portland. He is Claude's first boss in Liberty City, and gives him mundane jobs such as driving his girls around and chasing down minor gangsters who "mess with (his) girls."


Luigi Goterelli was voiced by Joe Pantoliano.




Mick is a bodyguard for Luigi Goterelli and shares a rather close friendship with him. Mick always checks Luigi's visitors for him, and sometimes will just deliver a written letter to them.



Joey Leone


Joey LeoneJoey Leone is a member of the Leone Mafia Family and the son of Don Salvatore Leone, who works as a mechanic and big-time criminal in Portland. Constantly seen working on a BF Injection dune buggy, Joey tasks Claude to perform theft, assassinations and body disposal. In the process, Joey introduces his father's "Capo", Tony Cipriani, allowing Claude to perform further jobs with the Family.


Joey is also believed to have been responsible for the killing of several Forelli Mafia members, which had in turn resulted in a Mafia war between the Leones and the Forellis.


Joey Leone was voiced by Michael Rapaport.



Toni Cipriani


Toni CiprianiToni Cipriani is a member of the Leone Mafia Family, working as a "Capo" (possibly the Capo Bastone, the second in command to Salavatore Leone; see Mafia#Mafia structure) for Don Salvatore Leone. Early missions with Cipriani were primarily focused on extorting protection money from a Triad-controlled laundromat, by destroying several of the business's delivery trucks. Coupled with a Triad attack during the transportation of the Family's high-ranked members to one of Don Salvatore's meeting, a full-blown war between the Mafia and the Triads occurred, and Claude was now an enemy to the Triads. The war led to the destruction of the Triad's fish factory, with Toni instructing Claude to deliver a garbage truck armed with a bomb to the factory.


Toni lives with his mother, Momma Cipriani, and is frequently seen in his family run restaurant, Momma's Restaurante (or Cipriani's Ristorante, as seen in its sign at the restaurant), providing jobs for Claude. The constant nagging from his mother about him not being able to match up with his father and failing to meet up to her expectations had forced him to call the local chat radio station, Chatterbox FM, and complain about his mother's constant bickering.


Toni Cipriani was voiced by Michael Madsen.



Salvatore Leone


Salvatore LeoneSalvatore Leone is the don who controls the Leone Mafia Family. He is introduced to Claude when Salvatore called a meeting with Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani, Luigi Goterelli; and Claude would be the limousine chauffeur who would bring the trio to Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's. Early missions instruct Claude to investigate the activities of Curly Bob, a member who appeared to be leaking information about the Leone's activities to the Colombian Cartel and, if found guilty, to kill him. Claude would later be tasked to destroy a tanker ship that was suspected to be a SPANK drug factory for the Cartel.


Salvatore is portrayed as growingly paranoid and suspicious with everyone around him, as stated by Curly Bob and his attempt to kill Claude with a trap, the latter done to try establishing a deal with the Colombian Cartel.


Salvatore would be killed by Claude after leaving Luigi's club at a time, as instructed by Asuka Kasen to prove that Claude has finally broken ties with the Family.


Salvatore Leone was voiced by Frank Vincent.



Maria Latore


Maria LatoreMaria Latore is Don Salvatore Leone's girlfriend. She first met Salvatore while working as a waitress in the Caligula's Casino in Las Venturas, San Andreas (see List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas#Maria Latore). She is introduced to Claude after Salvatore requests that Claude "look after her for the evening". Developing a liking for Claude, she would save Claude's life by preventing Claude from entering a death trap set up by Salvatore and seek help from an associate, Asuka, to flee to Staunton Island. She would appear as a caller on Chatterbox FM to describe her feelings with Claude, but expresses doubt because Claude was seen as being uninterested to her, "always working and hanging out with the guys" instead.


Maria would still be seen with Asuka on occasions, including the period when Miguel was tortured and interrogated. Maria was then kidnapped by the Cartel and held ransom by Catalina. By the end of the storyline, Maria is rescued by Claude. Maria fate remains unknown, however, when the screen portraying Claude and Maria (overwhelmed by excitement, talks continuously about Claude and herself) walking away fades to black, a gunshot was heard, and her voice was not longer present, suggesting that Maria was killed by Claude.


Maria was voiced by Debi Mazar.



Asuka Kasen


Asuka KasenAsuka Kasen is a member of the Liberty City Yakuza, who is called on by Maria to bring her and Claude to safety from the Leone Mafia Family after Salvatore's attempted assassination on Claude. She would provide further jobs to Claude, after killing Salvatore, as well as introduce him to her brother, Kenji Kasen. Later in the game, Asuka can be seen torturing Miguel and instructing Claude to further destroy Catalina's SPANK drugs operation, as an act of revenge for the killing of the brother by an unknown "Colombian" assassin. She would eventually be killed along with Miguel, most likely by the Cartel.


Asuka Kasen was voiced by Lianna Pai.



Kenji Kasen


Kenji KasenKenji Kasen is the leader of the Liberty City Yakuza, who is also the brother of Asuka. Kenji operates a casino in Downtown Staunton Island, where he provides jobs for Claude. He would be killed later in the game, during a meeting at a multistory car park, after Claude is asked by Donald Love to assassinate Kenji while posing as a Colombian Cartel member, in an effort to drive up local real estate prices with a gang war between the Yakuza and the Cartel.


Kenji Kasen was voiced by Les J.N. Mau.



Ray Machowski


Ray MachowskiRay Machowski is a corrupt police officer in the Liberty City Police Department who works as an insider for the Yakuza. He is introduced to Claude while receiving a payment from Asuka for his previous job with the Yakuza. Machowski is depicted as heavily cautious with his activities, and is willing to silence associates who attempted to expose any crime committed by either him or his partners. By the end of his presence in Liberty City, the CIA has begun investigating Machowski's links with the Colombian Cartel and the Spank drug, forcing Machowski to flee the city and escape to Miami, Florida.


Ray Machowski was voiced by Robert Loggia.



Donald Love


Donald LoveDonald Love is a media mogul and owner of Love Media, "the fastest growing US-run media conglomerate in the past five years". Operating from his apartment in downtown Staunton Island, he primarily tasks Claude to complete jobs related to receiving a mysterious "package" delivered by plane. After successfully aiding in the return of the authenticated "package" to Love (by acting as a lure to the SWAT and police), he disappears, leaving behind an opened box in his apartment.


Love Media controls approximately "900 radios stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, (and) 10 senators", with the Love Media brand name, Love's announcements or related commercials evident in certain player accessed radio stations, including Head Radio, Flashback 95.6, Double Cleff FM, and Chatterbox FM. Love Media also own the Liberty Tree, Liberty City's local newspaper.


Donald Love is believed to had only begun doing business in Liberty City from early-2001 onwards, indicating that Love Media was quick in founding or acquiring many companies in Liberty City within months (the time period of the Grand Theft Auto III is supposingly late 2001). This was done as a response to the return of Barry Harcross, a recently acquitted businessman and long time rival of Donald Love, to the city.


While little background information is known of Love, he is seen as a former apprentice of real estate mogul Avery Carrington, who appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a boss for Tommy Vercetti; the most evident sign of his link with Carrington is his use of a phrase that was also heard from Carrington, when Love asks that Claude assassinate Kenji Kasen:


Nothing drives down real estate prices like a good old-fashioned gang war, apart from the outbreak of a plague, but that might be going too far in this case.


Donald Love was voiced by Kyle MacLachlan.





8-Ball8-Ball is a firearms and explosives specialist who owns three bomb shops throughout Liberty City. 8-Ball meets Claude shortly after the beginning of the storyline, when he and Claude escape from a police convoy. As a token of his appreciation, 8-Ball introduces Claude to Luigi Goterelli, an old friend of his, for work. 8-Ball remains a close associate of Claude throughout the game.


8-Ball can be seen with both hands bandaged from an injury during his appearances, leaving Claude to do most of the more intensifying work (such as driving and shooting) when 8-Ball accompanies him. 8-Ball is believed to had sustain scaldings from hot fat accidently poured onto his hands, during a scuffle with the police in a raid at his home, before he was arrested.


8-Ball was voiced by The Guru.

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El Burro

El Burro is a member of the Mexican Diablos gang who assigns Claude jobs in Portland island, operating from a payphone located in the Hepburn Heights housing projects. El Burro is believed to be running a pornography magazine publishing business, based on his phone calls and the magazines stacked in the player's Portland safe house upon completion of all of El Burro's missions.


Chris Phillips provided the voice of El Burro.



King Courtney

King Courtney is a member of the Jamaican Yardies who assigns Claude jobs in Staunton island, operating from a payphone located near Liberty Campus. The primary focus of his jobs are mostly related to attacks against rival gangs, with one of these mission requiring that Claude turn his back against the Diablos by killing several of its members. The final "job" involved Claude being lured into a trap, where Catalina has dispatched vans of "SPANK-ed up" bombers to kill Claude, an act that subsequently fermented the relationship between Claude and the Yardies.


King Courtney was voiced by Walter Mudu.




D-Ice is a member of the Red Jacks gang who assigns Claude jobs in Shoreside Vale, operating from a payphone located in the Wichita Gardens housing projects. Several of its missions involved attacks and fights against a rival gang, the Purple Nines, which appeared to be supplied with SPANK and are pushing the drug onto the streets. Claude would eventually reduce the Purple Nines to only a few members at the time of the final battle against Claude with D-Ice's brother and the last of the Purple Nines.


D-Ice was voiced by Walter Mudu.



Phil, the One-Armed Bandit

Phil (aka The One-Armed Bandit in the game's credits) is a friend of Ray Machowski, believed to have fought alongside Machowski during a military conflit in Nicaragua (a possible reference to the United State's military intervention on Nicaragua during the 1980s). As a former soldier, Phil owns a business dubbed "Phil's Army Surplus" in Rockford, at the edge of Staunton Island, specializing in selling military-grade weaponry, as well as providing military vehicles from within its compound. Phil appeared briefly during a mission when Claude was required to protect Phil from a group of Colombian Cartel members, who have been attempting to extort weapons from Phil's business.


Phil is portrayed as having only one arm; losing a left arm for an unconfirmed reason, although it is suggested that he may had lost it in Nicaragua.


Phil is voiced by Hunter Platin.




Misty is a woman who works for Luigi Goterelli at the "Meeouch Sex Kitten Club", and is Joey Leone's "regular girl". On two occasions, Claude is asked by Goterelli to drive her from one place to another, with the blatant message to "keep (his) hands off her."


Misty was voiced by Kim Gurney.



"Chunky" Lee Chong

"Chunky" Lee Chong is a member in the Triad who owns a noodle stand in the heart of Chinatown and is said to be pushing S.P.A.N.K. for the Comlumbian Cartel (S.P.A.N.K. being a fictional drug that Catalina is pushing around the city). When Joey Leone hears that "Chunky" Lee Chong is selling S.P.A.N.K., he sends Claude to assassinate him. This incident would put relations between the Triads and the Leone Mafia family on ice.



Mike Lips Forelli

Mike Lips Forelli shows up briefly in Grand Theft Auto III when Joey Leone sends Claude to kill him, in an effort to teach the Forellis a lesson for not repaying debts. While Lips is eating at Marcos Bistro, (with a sign that says "eat 'till you explode") Claude attaches a bomb to his car. When Lips is finished eating, he leaves the restaraunt and is killed in the explosion. This act of aggression from the Leone family towards the Forelli family sparks a war between the two Mafia families.



Curly Bob

Curly Bob is the bartender at Luigi's "Sex Club 7." He is killed by Claude after beeing seen ratting on the Mafia.


He is voiced by Hunter Platin.



Marty Chonks

Marty Chonks is the corrupt owner of the Bitchin' Dog Food company. His love for money causes him to do various illegal activities, which leads him to call for Claude. Claude works as a bus boy, moving people from various parts of Portland back to the Bitchin' Dog Food factory, where Marty turns them into dog food. But throughout most of his time as an employee, Claude never sees Marty's face since he gets his orders through a payphone.


Eventually, Marty employs Claude to pick up his wife, Mrs. Chonks. After she is killed, Marty finds that she had a secret lover named Carlos to whom he happens to owe money to. Marty figures he can overpower the man just as he had all the others, but Carlos brings a shotgun along with him, which he uses to kill Marty. Carlos then assumes control of the factory, and the company.


Chris Phillips provided the voice of Marty Chonks.


Credit goes to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

just thought this would intrest some people


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It should be added that in Vice City, it is later discovered that Phil does not in fact lose his arm in Nicuargua, although he halucinates that he does. It is in fact blown off in an unfortunate incident concerning a large amount of boomshine, and a faulty remote explosives unit. Just a thought though, if Phil imagines the Nicuargua incident, then where does he meet Machowski? confused.gif

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It should be added that in Vice City, it is later discovered that Phil does not in fact lose his arm in Nicuargua, although he halucinates that he does. It is in fact blown off in an unfortunate incident concerning a large amount of boomshine, and a faulty remote explosives unit. Just a thought though, if Phil imagines the Nicuargua incident, then where does he meet Machowski? confused.gif

It was there I just took it out because some people havent played vice city and this is a gta 3 board so...

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My god! I already finished the game and I'm sure many people here did too, but the spoiler tags exist for some reason.


Plus, we don't want something copied, we can search it ourselves.



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A quick copy / paste job from another website isn't really worth starting a topic over...



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