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For Those Who Own GTA One


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If you own GTA 3 then you will know that GTA 3 is based in liberty city right so is GTA One.


Now if you work out some overlooked details here youll see that ive hit something.


In both GTA One and Three their is a situation where a bridge is exploded. On GTA 3 you see the bridge blown up on the intro and on GTA One you blow the bridge up using a tanker on the second level of liberty city.


Now heres the big question that will rack your brains since GTA One and GTA 3 are in the Same City then why are they different to each other and why does the Liberty City in GTA One have places like fort law, brix and the liberty city in gta 3 have places like the red light district. Its the same city right so why are the places different when they should be called the same. They are layed out differently to.


Here is the Liberty City From GTA One


user posted image



And here is the one from GTA 3


user posted image


Notice the difference why are they different.



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Because Rockstar wanted you to make a topic like this and stretch the page with a crappy picture of a map.


Le sigh...They're different because Rockstar decided to make them different. smile.gif


Oh, you're banned. lolz. blush.gif

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