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Unreleased Homies


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I saw on San Andreas official screenshots a couple of gangmembers that was unreleased...

And yes, i know about the Homies mod, but it doesnt have ALL the unreleased peds in.


here are the gangmembers i was talking about,

user posted image the one in White tank and Green rag.


user posted image

new ballas, model and texture. (Different Balla styles, like on the pic, except the guy with the white tee [cuz i prefer the 1 that was released])


user posted image

The Aztecas on the pic (with blue rags on their faces).


user posted image

New BigSmoke and Sweet model and texture.



What you guys think about the original ones made by R* for Ps2? I think they look more gangsta with rags on their faces and styles they have than those poor models and textures we have now... confused.gif

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For Sweet's and Smoke's new models - no. They will always stay the same...


And I think its a no for the gangpeds too, because I heard that you can add only TWO new lines in peds. file in /data... But there are more than just TWO new ped models I was suggesting, so what modders may want to do is add 2 new peds so they have less old gangmembers to replace with the new ones... If you know what I mean...


Anyways, anyone down for this mod? biggrin.gif would b really cool ))

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