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This is just a few ideas i've come up with to spice up San Andreas. If they are at all possible it would be so awesome to have someone make these mods for the game. If you like them, post and request them too!


First, it would be soo cool if someone were to make the ASTRO Drive-In Theater in Bone County work! I mean work, where like at night you could drive in and park and see clips and stuff like that on the big screen (and possible sound, no biggie though)


Also, one huge thing that would totaly add somethin fun and realistic to SA would be an actual Hotel. I've seen places like the Lil Probe Inn, but theres nothin to that but i think food and an arcade or somethin. I saw a mod that made you able to save at tons more points, but i think it would be sweet to pull into a 6-floor Holiday Inn and go inside and be able to walk around like with a lobby and a few rooms you could in and stay at over night and save there. (a parking structure would be cool too, but onc e again, no biggie)


when i think of more, i'll post them here. but i just think anything like this from some modder, nothin too stressing, would make it an even better game!

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tell the others...

What others dontgetit.gif


That second idea you have may be a bit too complicated for any modders to make...well it may be possible but it would take them several months to build a whole interier to a 6 floor hotel plus peds and a carparking area.


Why i didnt post this in any other topic he's made i don't know


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i just mean like make a small lobby and like one room, nothin fancy. and as far as six floors, i could care less, just make it 1 if ya have to!


thanks for the reply though!

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