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Need real help lol


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Can someone help me with my problem. I installed GTASA Ultimate Editor and i have no clue how to use it... i tought it was easy to mod skins in the game... but its not that easy tounge.gif lol. can someone plz explain to me how this work?

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Hey there,


Glad to see you using GTASA-UE.


Well there are a few things to know when using GTASA-UE...


First to easily replace/export txds file, you can just use the "TXD preview" section of each editor. (Also allows you to export/replace dffs)


Second, as far as skins goes...

You can not really edit a skin for a car, because that is handled by the model and a generic txd file. (vehicles.txd in your models, generic folder)


And to edit a Ped you need to now there name. Or you can cut-on "Draw TXD" and look at each ped.


Hope that helped a little.

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