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Where are the Hidden Textures

adam schiller

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Hey When I open up almost any vehicle file from gta3.img there is only the exterior and some other files (see picture 1) how do I find the other exteriors texture and how do I open them with TXD workshop?



Picture 1

user posted image


and also is there a tutorial specifically for changing the texture of cars

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Simple answer; what you seek does not exist.


The SA cars have matte (untextured) exteriors for the most part with polygonal bodylines. Sucks imo, but doesnt look toooo bad in practise, in this specific case. They still need shading imo T_T


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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k so where are the paintjobs at

in text files, carcols.dat


Now, if you mean by paintjobs the skins at transfender, those are in the vehicle of your choice's TXD files.


Each has UP TO four paint jobs,


say you've got a premier.dff and you want a paintjob for it, it will be premier1.txd through premier4.txd. Premier.txd will be the textures that are not color-of-car that are always there.


All vehicles default colors, IE no mod shop, just on the road ready to take, are governed by carcols.dat using a special reactive texture, vehicle_128_somesh*t.tga, in the screen shot you posted. To change those, it is a matter of typing not painting wink.gif


PS: I think that feature rocks because it adds to the already cut and paste style that gta is made with tounge.gif

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