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Get into San Fierro Airport


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Right, this a bug which is failry dam obscure and would be failry confident that no-one has discovered due to it being so specific.


First up I have the PS2 version, and so am not sure if this is universal to other versions.


There is a glitch/bug in the game which allows the player access to SF Airport wihtout a pilots licence. Although when you get in there will be no planes, (at least none spawned when I did it), you will be able to pick up a kick ass rocket launcher located therein. Ofcourse you could cheat, but why cheat when theres a complicated way of doing things!


To do it you will need a motorbike, (I found it tends to work with any), and need to go to the 'main' entrance (The one just past the elaborate 3D sign which straddles the main road in/out the airport area.


You will need a run-up though nothing drastic. Accelerate hard and aim to hit the leftmost mesh gate (of the gates which open when you possess the licence) on the left corner, pretty much where the gate and fence meet.

The key is to get a run-up distance to gain sufficient speed, but not fly off the bike, as having done this, the left gate with open a fraction, which you can drive the bike through comfortably.


It won't work with cars from some reason, and from what I can remember may possibly work with bicycles.


An absurb glitch, as I have no idea what could be the trigger for the gate opening, but fairly interesting nonetheless!

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That is really strange... did you check for the maverick helicopter? It might be there since it's unlocked even before you get a pilot's license. Were any of the cars inside, like the Super GT, or baggage?

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To be entirely honest at the time, absurd as I knew this glitch was I didn't check thoroughly, and now have no need to do this glitch, (and sod off am I starting again and playing to this island! biggrin.gif)


From what I remember the airport is desolate. Its as if your not expected to be able get in there if you're on the ground at that point in the game period.


I assume if you were in a 'copter or something from somewhere and dropped in from above that the game may spawn some stuff as it knows you are able to access it from the air.


I think its possible that theres Baggage Handler vehicles about, but I can't be sure. When I went in I don't think there were any helicopters either.


Its all soooo long ago now! biggrin.gif


The only thing I know are fact;


No planes on runways or in hangars

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