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How to create a nice displacement map


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I want to create a displacement map to make an island. But i don't know a simple way to create a nice smooth map. Can somebody help me?

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The sarky answer would be "zbrush it". Otherwise your best bet is google or the tutorials area (I believe there is a displacement height mapping tutorial there), obviously zbrush is not the only way to create displacements, but recently people tend to forget. Displacement doesn't have many straight game applications right now, so you might do well to go a little further afield for information. Sorry my own post is so light on hard info.


Best o luck with it rampage_ani.gif

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if you have photoshop, or any other image editing program that can import 8 or 16-bit RAW images, then i highly recommend Terragen. As the name it implies, it generates terrain, and it does that by building a heightmap (displacement map) right inside the program, which you can export to a RAW file. The progam is free, pretty thorough and relatively simple to pick up.

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