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Gta London:1961


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Well again some file's missing.. blush.gif



But this time i checked the data and i could not find something named 'mss32.dll'


Can somebody mirror me the file? nervous.gif

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GTA: London 1969 is the first mission pack for the original GTA and GTA: London 1961 is the second mission pack. London 1969 requires the original GTA and London 1961 requires London 1969.

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No, GTA: London 1969 isn't free while GTA: London 1961 was offered as a free download at the GTA: London 1969 website.


If you're in the USA you could purchase Grand Theft Auto: The Classics Collection for PC (I think it's $10 or $20) which contains GTA, GTA: London 1969 and GTA2 although I am unsure if GTA: London 1961 will work with the GTA: London 1969 from that pack.

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Yea... i live in northeast europe, so i don't have any chance..





well anyway... i must be happy for gta1 and 2...




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