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changing car spawn location


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that's done in SCM coding or the IPLs.


See "Directory" by Ashdexx in the maps section for info on spawing a car in IPLs (IPL Doc sublink there)

See Yeti's coding tutorials for spawning cars in SCM.


See Demarest for how to do codes without a new game.

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See Demarest for how to do codes without a new game.

Unfortunately, no. Things like parked car generators have to be established up front. Their availability is changed by resetting how many times a generator will spawn a car. R* would turn special ones off up front, and then switch them to infintie when the time was right. But they were still defined up front. So long as you stayed under the limit, you could probably ADD a few generators later on, but I've never tried. As of right now, you couldn't move them though.


I DO know that Patrick's savefile deconstruction efforts yielded a tool to manipulate generators. I don't know what--if any--the limitations were. I also know that CyQ has developed a method for VC memory hacking via SCM. Something I'm trying to get into. So long as the memory addresses were known, somebody could write something to do it via SCM I THINK. I'll keep this in mind as it would make a good test run when I do get into it.

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