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how to ?


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Im really looking on how to get my building into GTA SA !

My favourite modelling prog. is Zmodeller2 so I need to get know how to get my model from it into the game as fast and simple as possible.

I have read a few tutorials but I dont understand how the game recognizes where to place my object.

Most of the tuts are really confused they are telling u how to export from 3dmax to Zmod etc., but I need some simple explanation on how to get the .dff on the exact place I want.

So if u know how to do that or u have seen some understandable tutorial on how to do that,

help me pleeeeeeeease !


Thanx in advance

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you'll need to call it in an IDE file, any will do. For a static form, the format for IDE entry will always be



11114, your_building, your_TXD, 1, 29911115, LODr_building, your_TXD, 1, 2999 //  <---this is if there is an LOD.



299 and 2999 are draw distances, 299 is only show at close, and be solid.

2999 is show from a far distance, ignore collision (as my experience has made it seem)


Next step (since we just defined our object) is to call on it. I'd use an IPL of the same name for directory cleanliness, the entry should resemble this:



11114, your_building, 0, coordX, coordY, coordZ, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, -111115, LODr_building, 0, sameX^, sameY^, sameZ^, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, -1



The final numbers are for rotation. Refer to this post for a very brief description of those values and how to use them, as well as where to find the app that calculates their settings for you.


Good luck biggrin.gif







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