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Toyota Tacoma's/Hilux's

avito coleone

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Gday all,


I know it has been a while since I have posted in this section. I am glad to see it is taking off so well. Who would have thought that a forum about a computer game could have such a busy and lively car scene. Its just great....


Well, a while ago I posted about what to get as a new car. I was looking at a V8. However, allot of things have changed since then, the major factor being that as of next year I will be an apprentice chef in sydney, and fuel prices are destined to hit $1.40 A LTR.


So I have decided to hop on the mini truckin band wagon and start my own mini truck project.


At the moment I am truckless but I have come up with an awesome consept, which, if all goes to plan I will keep a record of here in a topic through the build.


I am thinking of having the base truck as a Toyota Hilux (america Toyota Tacoma or however you crazy yanks spell it) and just wanted any coments on reputations, parts, origonality etc....


I will not reveal my plan as of yet mainly becuase I dont want it stolen yet... Cheers all



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Yeah I've seen a few nice Hi-luxs around, they actually look pretty neat imo same with some of the Holden Rodeo's I see around.
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Yeah I really like them. I just want to get in there quick before the scene gets overloaded. I am so surprised at how quick the mini trucking scene is growing in Australia.


Freak do you know much on shaving etc, and costs for body work of that kind.

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Big Big Big fan of the Hilux am looking at getting myself one for up north.

They are dead reliable just keep on going no matter what you throw at them. F*ck wat it looks like if your driving a hilux properly it should look like a beat up pile of crap

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