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Idea for IMGTool


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Was thinking about usability of txds around and how it can be annoying for people to keep replacing txds manually so here is a feature i think will simplify this:


IMGtool should be able to accept paramaters. Modders can then be able to make batch files to automatically replace txds.


i.e. Imgtool.exe -r colt45.txd colt45new.txd c:\gta-sa\data\gta3.img

or something along the lines of that.


Since it may be a little intimidating for a person who has no knowledge of batch files to edit them, another idea struck me.


A little program, that you can basically use to automatically replace which files with which reading from a script file i.e. showing which files to replace from which img package, and when the exe is run, popup saying please point to gta3.img etc.


There should also be a backup feature which extracts the orignals and puts it somewhere where you can restore


I think this will simplify the process of replacing txds around the net, and easier for newbies to jump in without stuffing up anything. any commetns appreciated.

I do have programming knowledge, so i know this is feasible tounge.gif

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ah yes, didn't see that program till you mentioned it confused.gif

I'm not a fan of installer programs, dunno why but me still likes the idea of batches though

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yea, the cool thing is then that you'll like GGMM a lot then, plus it's more automated. I highly reccomend you giv it a try, it's really cool.


And, a bit different from yuor idea, but batch TXD works are being created biggrin.gif

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