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any1 thought of a snes, N64, ETC. emu


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suicidal.gif i Really think it's possible to do it and put them on the arcade machines, then u can play the classic ps versions of gta and if it's possible i have a really good hacking friend who can help ......................... suicidal.gif




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Anything is possible with the proper research and execution.


But why?!? I mean, how often do you play the arcades? When you do, isn't it nice that it is a semi-original game and not a old game? Why would you want to play a rom in SA instead of just switching games? lol.gif


"A game in a game!!!" But I think that's not what they meant tounge.gif Although it would be very awesome if games started having the old easy to process games we remember and love within them for breaks from the monotony that can sometimes rise game to game, it's not going to be legal, and most likely won't be alright to document here.


I'm interested in knowing how your friend does, since he'd have as much a chance as anyone else to pull it off. the research is neccessary, hakcorps know that wink.gif


so, keep me posted, I'm generally interested, as then developing on those platforms and inserting brand new games would be possible using hobbyist dev kits.

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If you search proper sources, google, you will find what you're lucking for... All of the classics are findible, just look, though this should be locked...



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eh, edited/deleted. Don't care enough to keep asking questions about this. Don't want to wasteb your time.

Edited by dertyjerzian
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