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[REL] TeamSpeak 2 Overlay for SanAndreas


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hey, i found my source eariler today, and a few people have asked me to release this, when i made it, the tso (TeamSpeakOverlay) mod didnt work with san andreas right.. so sorry if that works now, so yeh


gogogo download now wink.gif :: Download

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basicly, it displays the users in teamspeak, and who is talking, and when you're talking, etc

user posted image


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Awesome work as usual trixleh.. sorry to post so late, but I just saw you had updated this.


With regards to teamspeak and San Andreas - DRuG generally use teamspeak to hang out on as a clan and chat while we mod and play different games.. sometimes multiplayer, sometimes single, then report results of mods, then test amongst ourselves.


The great part with teamspeak is it keeps your hands and screen free to do other things while you chat.


But this leads to the embarassing foot-in-mouth moments when you say things while forgetting who is in chat, thus, Trix's tool becomes a lifesaver.



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i kno, but i didnt kno people use teamspeak for SA, i thought it only for online games

When we hang out in TS, it is still rather helpful seeing who is talking and who is in your channel, even if you are in single player.

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just put all the files in your GTA San Andreas directory, so it shoud look like this:





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