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Configuring Xbox controls for the PC


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I was reading through the PS2 Controller for PC Version Guide thread to try to get some advice on configuring my xbox controller to be an identical counter part to the xbox version.


I've patched a USB cable to the end of my xbox control pad and downloaded the XBCD drivers so this is generally for those who have used the same method as myself.


So far I've only been fiddling around using Joytokey and using Wolfmight's San Andreas config to help get me started. I have got the d-pad controlls working, for instance I can change radio stations etc using up and down.


You can do this by going into the game controllers in the control panel (I use classic view) then highlight the XBCD Xbox Gamepad > click properties. You can add a new profile by clicking the Menu button next to the current profile and simply click add, now you will be using a new profile. You should see the D-Pad in the centre with POV buttons arround here, start by clicking the POVu button and change it to button, now on the dropdown list change it to Button 21. POVl should be changed to Button 22, POVd should be changed to Button 23 and finally POVr should be changed to Button 24.


Now click Apply > Exit > OK > OK.


So now instead of the D-Pad being POVs it is 4 different buttons.


After that I opened Joytokey and mapped button 21 with the F11 key and button 23 with the F12 key.


Then in the San Andreas I configured the controls for Conversation - Yes as F11 and Conversation - No as F12, I also did this for switching radio stations in the Vehicle controls section. Played the game and those two controls worked.


So now I know that it is possible to get an exact replica of the Xbox controls, only problem is I don't know what the xbox controls ARE! I have San Andreas for the PS2 and PC (obviously), I should imagine that the Xbox controls are near enough the same as PS2 with white being L2 and black being R2 but I want someone to clarify this for me, and maybe someone could possibley post a map for the keys.


This is the first time I've ever done this as I don't usually use gamepads for the PC but the San Andreas contols are fiddly so I thought why not.


I would appretiate any help that you guys can give, and maybe we could then have a Xbox version of Wolfmight's thread.


Cheers guys, and I'm sorry for the huge post that basically explains nothing! tounge2.gif



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