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Rebirth v1


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I post this here because from what I've seen, mod talk is allowed in the SA PC Chat. The original thread is posted in the mod showroom, but I'm sure there's plenty of SA'ers that don't go there that would like to have/use this. Here's a copy/paste from that topic...


Rebirth v1 is a Code Tool more than a mod. For those of you that don't know, my Code Tools are code mods that are meant to work with your existing save game. They do not adhere to the old addage that you must start a new game to use the code mod. Rebirth actually REPLACES the original code. Any save made with either the original code or Rebirth can be used with either.


So what does Rebirth do? A few things. First of all, it makes it so that when you are killed or arrested, you will not lose your weapons or any cash kind of like when you get Katie up to 100%. This feature won't kick in until you start most missions. Secondly, it acts like Trip Skip, but instead of skipping the trip from the start of the mission to wherever the mission takes place, it takes you straight to where the mission starts. Ever play Wrong Side of the Tracks only to fail and be in the middle of nowhere? Rebirth will take you right back to the mission beginning even if you failed the mission by dieing or getting arrested. And you don't have to start a new game to use it.


How does it work? Any time you fail most missions or otherwise quite before they're completed (like Vigilante), a 30 second timer will appear on screen (not always immediately for reasons beyond my control). While that timer is on screen, you may press Sprint and Aim together and you will start that mission over. It is very important that you do not save your game while this timer is on screen. Let's say the mission you were playing was Vigilante. Using Rebirth will put you in the same vehicle, at the same spot, angle, and speed as where you started it last time. A TRUE second chance. Note: Any changes in your weapons/ammo since then will remain; Rebirth does nothing to your ammo besides allow you to keep it after getting arrested or killed.


How do I install it? VERY easy. Download it by clicking here. Go to your San Andreas's /data/script/ folder and backup your main.scm any way you like, possibly by renaming it to mainORIGINAL.scm. Now put Rebirth's main.scm into your /data/script/ folder. You are done! Just load your game and all of Rebirth's benefits are yours for using. You can even do this while San Andreas is running.


Are there any exceptions? Yes there are. One is quite good while the others aren't. The good one is the Chiliad Challenge. Even if you pass one, you can use Rebirth to start the next one, even if it's outside the racing times. No more having to fight your way back up the mountain! cool.gif The following is a list of missions NOT supported by Rebirth v1: Cesar Vialpando, Wu Zi Mu, Farewell My Love..., all Catalina missions, the Train missions, the Gym fights, and all races from the 4 racing hubs. Yes I plan on releasing a v2 with most of these missions supported. It will take me time and studying however, so for me to release this as is now will allow people to benefit from it until I'm capable of the rest. Worry not as the original game and all versions of Rebirth will be interchangeable. If however you should notice any bugs, feel free to report them here, but know that much has been tested smile.gif Note: The Train missions and Gym fights are likely to never be supported.


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I don't usually swing through SA but will try to remember to to check for any bug reports. To ensure that I DO see it, you can post such reports in the mod showroom thread here.

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