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Hat and weapon mods


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I am not a modder, I don't have the artistic skills or talent for it. I do know however that the work of modders all over the world has enhanced an already amazing game beyond all recognition. For that all us brain deads thank you.


One thing I don't think I have ever seen though is a mod for the hats CJ wears, people have modded his shirts, jackets, skin and shoes all over but I haven't seen any for his hat, I may be wrong.


I am wrong, I just remembered the chav mod pack I saw with a burberry cap for the chavs/neds


There are quite a few things I wouldn't mind seeing in the game such as:


A British policemans helmet (the famous tit on the head)

A crown, maybe even the crown jewels

One of those redneck caps with the beer holders on each side

A DisneyWorld hat with Mickey Mouse ears

An Australian cork hat

A bowler hat

A bishops mitre (I think that's what they're called)

A Guardsmans busby (the tall bearskin hat worn by the guards at Buckingham palace)

As an ex soldier in the British Army I would love to see the beret hat modified with a selection of cap badges, the paras, SAS, infantry cap badges, gerkhas and of course the cream of British warriors the Royal Logistic Corps (so far behind the lines we sent our laundry forward)

On the same theme it would be great if someone could mod an SA80 weapon replacement


For other clothing maybe a kilt for CJ to wear, a Santa Claus outfit would look suitably freaky as well.


As I said, I could never do anything like this so I have to rely on the goodness of others to bring my ideas to life. Does anyone else out there have any ideas on these themes?

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