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Richard Hatch


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Well,ugly naked guy has a problem.


The greatest Survivor champion(imo) is facing 75 years in the tank for tax evasion




um...NOTE TO SELF:if you win a million dollars in front of millions of people,you'd better declare it

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I saw this on the news and thought the same thing.


Why would you even try to get away with not paying your taxes when you won the money in front of half the country? Not to mention the fact that the one government agency you should never under any circumstances screw with is the IRS.


The article doesn't mention the huge fines and penalties he'll have to pay, they'll work out to be more then he won in the first place.




Err, well the first article you linked to didn't, that one does.


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I found a little more detailed snippet ^


His story is he thought CBS would pay the taxes.But that ain't gonna fly.


When you win something like Survivor,they don't just hand you bag with 1 mil in it and say "congrats!"


You gotta sit with lawyers and whatnot.For such a smart guy,Rich really acted dumb here.

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Well looks like he's the loser now.
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