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[SA|SCR] Spurtster


Recommended Posts

It's a bit risky in my opinion, but I think it's still acceptable.


Very interesting work. I'll think about downloading it, hehe.

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Suction Testicle Man

Approved. Go ahead and post. wink.gif



If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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lol funny as hell... i dont see any poblem download it if your mature enough if not dont!


Let's hope Hilary doesn't see this nervous.gif

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Sorry but I find this highly offensive and will reporting it to the appropriate authorities...



HAHAHA, yeah right, nice stuff, indeed reminds of the penis car made for GTA1...


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haha thats great biggrin.gif reminds me of the penis chopper i believe STM made (may be mistaken). Risky, but f*cking great tounge.gif hehe. - GTAuron

If you mean the Dildo PCJ in Vice then you mean Switch Designs. tounge.gif

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Hey y'all,


Haven't posted in here in a while, but I had to once I saw the pictures of the Spurtster (awesome name for it, BTW! biggrin.gif). I've got a question: does this mod work on the PS2 version of SA? Or is it strictly for PC/XBox versions? I sure hope it works on PS2, I'd download it in a heartbeat! Thanks in advance. The Doomite Is Out!



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user posted image


A big FART blink.gifbored.giftounge.gif

We will be the arms that lift you up oqKntbC.gifWe will be the hand that strike you down

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules



Could u tell us how u did it. i wanna change the peds. lol nrg racin on a stripper.

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Hows about a Monica Lewinsky skin and a mod to turn CJ into Bill Clinton? hehe that'll piss Hillary off smile.gif. And nah it was definately a freeway or angel replacement adz. - GTAuron


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