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Lighting questions...


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Hi, i'm just experimenting with SA scripts and things, and want to know a few answers to these questions:


1. How do I turn off the lights in cities at night time?


2. Will turning the city lights off, disable the moon's brightness? If not, can I brighten the moon's light?


3. Is there a way of adding a torch to the top of a gun (not modelling, but like car headlights, but more powerful)? Like this:

user posted image



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are you a psycho!

or a werewolf?

nope... but your along the right lines going on the scary theme... that's all i'm saying...

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cool man, as for the light for the hand gun, i don't think that would work

but the other's maybe possible confused.gif

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He wants for the "lights go down in the city" inlove.gif

He wants the drama to pop inlove.gif

I'm with you man, I'm with you!


When it gets dark, I'll see you when the sun comes up! We're unstoppable!

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It must be possible to do, because in the long night mod for VC the power goes out across the city... Infact, who was the autor for that mod? because maybe i can contact them.

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