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I can't find a stretch car, you guys can help me out ?? thx

Boy, can I! See the Search link in the upper left corner of the page? Clicking that brings up this site's search feature. Using it, all kinds of information is available to you in a matter of clicks. You only have to TRY. If you try in this case, you'll even find answers more descriptive than the one that's already been mercifully offered to you.

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It may not appear first time. Sometimes there is a sentinal instead of a streach so go away and come back

THX man, found it

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The strech can be found outside tommys mansion on starfish island.

can't find m there ....

Should've taken my advice confused.gif Shame on Knife for being an enabler tounge.gif

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Its always on the left side of the mansion when your walking out. (oppossite of the garage with the infernus infront of it) Sometimes it doesn't spawn, so walk around the block and come back....

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