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Are you going to san fierro


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hi i have a problem when i finish the farewell my love mission.I know that the truth will call me to the next mision the Are you going to san fierro missionwhen he call to my computer hang.then i play again gta sa

the truth did not call me again.

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I cant proced to the next mission because the thruth did not call me agin.I cant proceed to the are you going to san fierro mission. biggrin.gif

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2 ideas.

Either upload your current save game where ever you're at and let us try it for you.

Or upload (or try it yourself) to let us play the previous mission and see if Truth calls again, which he should. That is if you have a save game for before that point.


I take there is no TT icon any where on the map?

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I took a look at your saved game.


Bad News : You have no mission icon on your hud.

Good News : You can still do the "Are You Going to San Fierro?"




OK, I took your game and placed a red marker on the map. Here is the save game. That place is the entrance to Truth's farm. Now there is no red marker visible BUT it is still there. When you reach the dirt road leading to the farm, get off your bike/car and walk towards the farm. Stick to the middle of the dirt road and somewhere along the way you will walk straight into the invisible red marker and trigger the mission.


How do I know this? Because I just did that using the save file you uploaded. Try this and hopefully it will work for you. I hope you understand what I am telling you.


If you have any problems, just ask.


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe
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